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As a carers organisation we understand that many Carers would benefit from/need emotional support to cope with the challenges of their caring role. Our counselling project was launched in 2006 to meet this need.

The service is provided by a team of volunteer counsellors on a one to one basis to carers living in the Borough of Harrow.

Quotes From Carers

“Counselling has really helped me to get my life back”

“You can’t change others but I can change which has made life easier to live and cope with”

Harrow Carers Offers

  • Confidential counselling in a safe environment
  • Carers of all age groups (11 years to 90 years plus)
  • Evening appointments (Wednesday only)
  • Short, medium and long term counselling

Changes to Counselling Service


Harrow Carers have been providing a counselling service for a number of years, free of charge. To enable us to maintain the continuity of the service we are asking carers to make a contribution, as a donation for each session, depending on their circumstances.

This would help to sustain the cost of maintaining and improving the service.

These changes will take place with effect from 1st April 2014.

For further information on our Counselling Service please call 020 8868 5224 for an appointment or email…




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