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Older Carers (65+)

Older Carers 11Older Carers 11

Quality of Life

Are you over 65? Do you look after someone with a disability? If yes then you may benefit from contacting the Older Carers Project. We aim to improve the quality of life for older carers by addressing their social, financial and practical needs through a number of means.

We appreciate just how difficult caring can be and with over 10 years experience in supporting Older carers access the support they need in a complicated world, working in alliance with partner organisations to address carers needs and recognising their valuable contribution to society; it’s never been a better time to join us.

“I want to be angry, but this illness wasn’t my husband’s fault, so what can I do, blame God? Sometimes I just cry- but only in secret, it upsets him to see me cry.”

With dedicated team of support workers and over 1200 Older Carers registered, you never have to feel alone, there is always someone at hand to help, not matter how big or small an issue seems.

Older Carers 11

What’s on Offer?

Information and advice:

  • Welfare Benefit application
  • Support in arranging Social care and Respite
  • Support accessing transport schemes
  • A voice to speak on your behalf
  • Signposting for specialist support

Hospital Discharge Support:

  • Facilitated access to information & advice
  • Empowering and supporting you to have your voice heard
  • Liaison with various professionals to address your needs as a Carer
  • Support to understand your rights and entitlements whilst in hospital
  • Information & advice about community services post discharge

Should I make Contact?

Caring can be very demanding on the carer – physically tiring, emotionally stressful, and restricting their freedom to take time for themselves. Caring role is more by chance than by choice and it could be a struggle, yet many respond with heroic consistency, doing whatever it takes for their loved ones.

“I would never have believed that I could change a bed nine times in a night and still not loose temper.”

Older Carers 11

Having personal contact with a team who are able to offer advice and help is invaluable as it is the opportunity to meet with other carers with whom you can share problems and solutions and know that you are not alone in this situation.

“People may see you smile and think how well you are coping. But they have no idea, what it is like. It changes you into quite a different person.”

You can take the first step now by either calling 0208 8685224 and speaking to a member of specialist team or by completing an online self referral form for either yourself or a member of your family.

“There are so many Organisations/ agencies/ departments it is rather confusing about who provides which service and remembering the information, this is where Harrow carers have been so useful”

Older Carers 11

Older Carers

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