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The Respite for Carers Project aims to offer regular breaks to unpaid Carers looking after someone with physical or learning disabilities, dementia, autism, special needs and/or ADHD. We use Care Support Workers who receive a full induction and relevant on-going training to enable them to provide respite in a safe and secure environment, thereby enabling carers to take a break from their caring role. The Care Support Workers complete a Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) checks and sign a confidentiality statement.

This service is available to all carers who devote most of their waking hours to looking after their loved ones in the London Borough of Harrow. This can take many forms ranging from personal care, moving and handling, providing psychological support in varying degrees, outreach activities, befriending etc.

Telephone: 03300 88 2224 (24 hour Emergency Mobile: 0780351894)


“Our Promise”

To provide a person centred bespoke respite service to help maintain the health and wellbeing of all unpaid Carers in the London Borough of Harrow. And the processes involved is that once people are identified and referred to Harrow Carer’s we will:

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  • Arrange to visit the carer at home to carry out a care needs assessment, including a risk assessment and behavioural and emergency medical assessments if applicable. This is to ensure that all aspects of safety are covered and enables us to ensure we can meet the needs of the carer and the cared-for.
  • Develop a user-led personal care plan with, and agreed by, the Carer. The actual provision of care will be part of the personal service user plan and will be agreed by both Harrow Carers and the Carer.
  • An annual reassessment of personal care plans or sooner if there is a change of circumstances. This is to ensure that Harrow Carers continues to deliver a first class service to the carer.
  • Providing minimum respite of one and up to as many hours as required between days to Carers.
  • Providing out of office hours mobile telephone contacts for the Carer and our Care Support Workers.
  • Office hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00. (03300 88 2224)

The project is supported by additional services within the Harrow Carers Centre. Other projects can dovetail with the Breaks for Parent Carers project ensuring a streamlined service to parent carers, providing a breadth of information and supporting services. This promotes the individuality of carers, allowing their own personal choices to be made having provided the information for services that respect lifestyles, cultures, customs and personal values. The duties include the following:

  • Assisting the person with washing and other personal care tasks. For example bathing, dressing and undressing.
  • Assisting the person with management of incontinence of bowel and bladder. This may include catheter and or colostomy bag care with appropriate training from a certified medical professional.
  • Assisting the person with mobility and transfers in accordance with Moving and handling regulations. Example Using hoists and other equipment, transfers to/from wheelchairs bed routines (assisting in getting up and getting to bed).
  • Assisting the person with preparing meals and feeding including special diets. This may also include specialist feeding such as PEG (tube feeding) if training is received from certified Medical professionals.
  • Therapeutic activity and emotional support as appropriate and as identified in a care plan. This activity could be at home or out in the community one or one or in a group.
  • Medication Assistance as agreed in the care plan subject to risk assessment.
  • Support in the community (outreach). This may include support and engagement in light sporting activities of interest.
  • Transport (if a Care Support Worker who has the use of their own car transports a Service User to and from places of social activities and the mileage cost is chargeable to the Service User)
  • Essential light housework which will include dusting, ironing, vacuuming as deemed appropriate based on risk assessment and care plan arrangements. This tasks may only be carried out by a Care Support Worker only if the cared for person is unable perform these tasks themselves
  • Essential shopping (receipts will be obtained for all shopping and a money handling form will be filled in and signed by both the Service User and Care Support Worker then verified by a third party possible a staff member from management team).
  • Night sitting/sleeping service to ensure the safety of those who need constant supervision and help needed.

Our Services

Unit purchased Monday-Friday
60 Minutes £12.50 £13.50
Night Time:
Wake/Sitting Service
(from 22.00-06.00)
£12.50 £13.50
Night Time:
Sleep-in Service
(from 22.00-06.00)
£9.50 £10.50
24 hour Services To Be Arranged with Concessions To Be Arranged with Concessions

If you are interested in this service or would like to find out more call us on 03300 88 2224.

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